At the end of sixth grade the children make an appearance. We get our certificate, and some of us get a medal.

After the sixth grade, the children go to secondary school. The children say goodbye. Some children cry because they have to say goodbye.   


 Enrollment ceremony

 For the youngest children of Löwenzahnschule the first school year begins in August. It is a great celebration. All the children and their parents are in the gym. Mrs. Hoppe our head teacher speaks to them. The older children perform a little show.

Then the teacher calls the names of the children that are in class. All together they go to see their own classroom. After this the new children sit down in their classroom. The teacher says hello and welcomes everybody. She declares, soon you will learn the alphabeth. Then you can read a book, paint pictures or learn how to do with glue or scissors and so on.

I remember my first schoolday. It was a very exciting day and I was a little bit afraid.                                


School celebtrations

 In our school we have many celebrations. In the summer we

always have a celebration. For example some children from our school dance, sing or show a show.

All the people have fun. In winter we have celebrations, too. Teachers read a book for us and all the children are listening.

We eat sweets. That’s great!                              



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