Children talk to our social worker when they have a problem with their friends, their teachers or their parents.

Then the social worker mediates the dispute.

Children have to visit the social worker sometimes if they disturb the lessons or don't work in their classroom, or when the children have no respect.

Parents often come and speak with the social worker. The social worker can give the parents an advice.                                                        


Sometimes the pupils go with their teachers on a school trip. They mostly travel to Brandenburg. They often stay there for two, five or more days. In the 5th class, we went to Kemlitz with our teachers. We went for a walk in the wood. It was exciting. I had a lot of fun.                                                


Reading competition

Every year we have a reading competition in our school. At first some of the pupils of a class read competitively/in a competition. Then all of them read against their own class level. It means the pupils of the first class read against the pupils of the other first class. The pupils of the second class read against the pupils of the other second classes. And so on to the sixth class. The winner of the competitions in our school gets a present. It is always a book. The winner of the competitions of the second and third class have a following competition in Neukölln. The winner of the competitions of the fourth class have to compete against all the other winners of Berlin. And the winner of the competitions of the fifth class has to compete against all winners in Germany. And all of the pupils of the sixth classes read against the other pupils of the sixth class. Three years ago I was the winner of our school. It was very exciting.  




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